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Downsizing options for existing customers ... Any real help out there?

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Downsizing options for existing customers ... Any real help out there?

Hello All:

Some of the issues I've been experiencing:

Probably an age old question. I tried to read some of the Board's answers, but whenever I  (1) clicked on the reply, the page was not available. 

A kindof similar thing just happened today. My bill is too high. Without going into it, I want to downsize--probably cancel television all together.  There are are "packages" and "contracts" available on the website. I don't have either now and I don't want them.  A chat came up to help. She was very nice, but she said she would need to transfer my chat line to a "retention" chat. Okay, fine. (2) Transferred to a page --- not available again.

On a recent service phone call, (and I hate to call), trying to get my old DVR to function properly, the rep insisted on telling me about new package options. I explained I don't need all the channels I receive now. (3) Sometimes more is not better. He said "Sure!" He presented to cut half the channels and reduce my bill by $17. I'm not kidding.

(4) Another rep told me there is a way to transfer non-X1 DVR recordings, but wouldn't tell me how unless I agreed to the new service she was promoting. If this is really available now, please share!

I don't know what others are paying, but I think I'm up there is top ranks for lower range services. I've found you can add anything you want online, but reducing your bill is a whole 'nother ball game.