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Downgrade Service

I have tried browsing the latest services and packages using the option in my account, but I keep getting an error message. Apparently, this is an ongoing issue that still needs to be fixed.


I'm looking for a few options to downgrade my package to something more affordable. I have been told countless times in the past that it wasn't possible. I wanted to check here and see if that was true as well as to browse what was available (since you can't do it online).


I want to know what the prices are for Internet and Phone only, in my area. I know prices are likely based on internet speeds.

Or, I want to know if there is a package for basic TV, with internet and phone. I would preferably keep the internet speed (or upgrade it, based on prices).

Any help from  a Comcast employer would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Downgrade Service

Hi loveboating -- I can help you with downgrading your service. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication. I will review our available offers for you.


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me.