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Door-to-door salesmen?

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Door-to-door salesmen?

I got a Comcast business card slid in my door at home, with instructions to call or text a representative's number to get a discount for home security services.
Is this normal? Does Comcast actually send people at my place to sell me stuff?

The rep, not knowing my address when I contacted them to ask about this, asked for my apt number to make sure not to come again.

Even if this is the way they operate, this sounds super fishy.

Also, I don't need people coming at my door to sell me stuff.

How can I ensure this doesn't happen again?


Re: Door-to-door salesmen?

Yes, Comcast has direct sales people that go door to door. 


You can opt out of Comcast solicitations here: 

I am not a Comcast employee, just a moderator. Pls observe Wheaton's Law.
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Re: Door-to-door salesmen?

Hello drumbot, the information nerdburg gave is correct. I understand how frustrating that can be, especially when stuff is stuck to your door, or even slid under it. Definitely fill out the information if you haven't done so already, and that will stop this. If you need any further help going forward please reach out to us, we are always here to assist. Have a great day.