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Does Comcast Have Corrupt Technicians??

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Does Comcast Have Corrupt Technicians??

I just wanted to let you guys know about my exprience recently. I made a post recently about my upload speed being less then half having a ton of issues uploading and streaming on a 20mb upload speed. After 2 technican visits and a supervisor visit in which the supervisor told me there's nothing comcast can do for me and everything is fine. He also kind of implied that if I called for another tech to come out that I would be charged because there's absolutley nothing wrong with the connection which there obviously was.

The tech that came out today was amazing... He went checked the outside line came back with a picture told me there's signal leaking everywhere which might not only be affecting me but could have an affect on other people in the building.. Also The cable for a lot of the apartments are all hooked up to a bunch of spitters into 1 port.... Some of the other ports are leaking so he put in a ticket for maitenence to come fix it... My question is why did the other people that came out tell me everything was fine?? The first techs at least went outside but didn't tell me about all the problems out there. The second tech didn't even go outside said everything was fine. The supervisor didn't go outside and said everything was fine implied I had a virus. I took a hard drive wiped everything fresh installed and still had connection issues..


Why were all these people quite about the issues outside??

Their could be possible illegal connections out there... If so who set up these connections up? Do some comcast technicans accept money on the side to make these types of connections? Or maybe the people that work in my apartment complex?? Who knows.


I'm writing this to you guys to let you know not to give up!! When you're having issues that comast keeps saying everything is fine and it's not don't give up.


One of the big things about customer service is communication! I know things happen, situations happen. For me to have to be going back and forth for a week dealing with these issues was to much especially everyone telling me everything is okay.. Even in the hospital or pharmacies people are taught to communicate with patients let them know what's going on what you're doing. I appreciate someone being foward and communicating I don't appreciate the BS from someone not being open and honest. This guy was great today, great communication and at least brought some peace to mind.

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Re: Does Comcast Have Corrupt Technicians??

Another thing that happened today. After all of this I get a call from a "comcast person" from the phone number 954-236-6189 his voicemail says his name is Paul. He called me started me asking questions about everything that happened and about the supervisor that previosuly came. Then says he wants to come out and check out what's going on. I told him I have an errand to run he asked me how long I said an hour. So an hour later I get home and nothing... I called him 3 times nothing just get the voicemail. This is another major problem with Comast very inconsistent... Why call someone and say you're going to come over then don't show? How long am I supposed to wait? I don't have anything else to do for the day? I have a family and a baby. At least if you aren't going to come give me a call back and let me know... I mean there's just no customer service and what this does in my opinion is create an atomosphere of no trust. Pretty much wasted my time. I am thankful to David the one technician that came out was very professional and communicated with me what was going on. I'm not even a person that's diffcult to deal with I do customer service I know it can be tough. I'm not screaming or yelling I just want what's fair what I pay for. This guy now just called me back at 3:30PM when he intially called me at 12 and said he's be over in 1 hour... Now he's saying he has one more customer  then he will stop by.... Why not tell me this earlier?? Why not communicate this with me instead of having me wait 2 and a half hours then offer to come later at sometime? No thanks... I need to get some rest because I work graveyard. So I told him not thanks I already have been waiting plus the other guy took care of me. He said he would call me tomorrow. I'm not going to go out of my way anymore. Thanks to anyone that's reading this just wanted to share my fustrations and what I' going through even though on these forums I haven't gotten a single reply which is okay I already informed a manager. I'm not doing this to gain anything just to give some insight. I don't even want anyone getting in trouble seriously. I just would like their to be some sort of improvment. The reason I'm still with comcast and this is just being frank is because their is no one else.... ATT has really slow speeds... I hope Comcast makes improvments because otherwise I like their services I've even considered a job at comcast because internet and technology is just something I love and I'm passionate about.


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Re: Does Comcast Have Corrupt Technicians??

melvincedeno, thanks for posting here. I cannot speculate why some techs said there was no issue while another one found signal leakage. I am glad that you had a good experience with David and he was able to find the problem.


I'd like to check on that maintenance request David made so we can address the leakage. Please send me a private message (Click ComcastKenF and then click Private Message Me) with your account address and full name for assistance.

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