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Do I really have to have a tech come out to upgrade to gig internet?

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Do I really have to have a tech come out to upgrade to gig internet?

I have been on the 300 mbps tier using my own Arris Surfboard 6190 modem for 3 years.  Recently gig internet has become available in my area and the deal I can get to go to that and keep my current TV package will easily save me $140 a month.  When I went to sign up for the service I was notified that I needed to pay an additional $70 to get my internet setup.  When I contacted chat support they notified me that a line will need to be ran from the street to my apartment.  


My question is is this actually true?  I ask this for a couple reasons:


1.  In researching online it appears Comcast's gig internet uses the existing coaxil connection my modem already uses and a line won't need to be ran from the street.  I actually hope this is true because as noted above I am in an apartment and when I contacted them they said I need to get exact details of what Comcast will be doing before they will approve any modifications to the wiring in our outside of the apartment.


2.  I have worked in IT for 19 years as a system engineer/administrator and unless a line is ran from the street or additional lines ran in the house I can handle setting up my router and working with support if there is an issue.  I have read online people being told a line would be ran and all the tech did was check signals remotely and never actually came into the house.    I don't want to needlessly pay money for something I certainly can handle and work with support remotely if needed.


3.  My wife and I have a 5 month old baby and finding time to set aside to be available for someone to be in our apartment will be difficult.


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!