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Discovering Comcast customer support

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Discovering Comcast customer support

Just like to share my adventure in the Comcast customer support dimension:

Yesterday, I had a call to Comcast customer support and we discussed my request, then the ticket was opened. I've been told that the ticket will be complete pretty quick as it will only require changing in configuration of my connection. It's not been fixed by the following day so I called the same number and the same extension to check the status. The guy who took a phone told me that I should not call this number o_0, he can't open my ticket and he can't help me at all. When I asked to transfer me to a person who can help me, he said he is not doing transfers, and then he dropped the phone :0.  After waiting about an hour on the line for someone to pick up the phone, my conversation finished in less than 1 minute in a quite rude way. I was impressed.

During my second attempt to call the customer support (and waiting for another hour), I was finally connected to an adequate person. For sure, the Comcast HR and customer support management have a lot of space for improvements in order to keep their customers continue using the Comcast service.

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Re: Discovering Comcast customer support

It's because, as a virtual monopoly, they really don't have to care.