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Disappointed and Stressed

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Disappointed and Stressed


I work from home so reliable internet is very important. If it isn’t working, I am not working. Before I get ahead of myself though, I want to start by saying that I have been a loyal Comcast customer for years and even recently just repackaged my service for another two years. Actually, I repackaged this week and ever since I have had a terrible service. My router quits, often. I have spoken with multiple customer service agents over the course of this week. The second woman I spoke with checked my routers history. She told me it has been offline line about 30 times in the last month. She told me it was very important that an agent comes out and checks to make sure my router is properly working.

Fast forward to today, said appointment was canceled without my knowledge. The customer service agent this morning told me it was due to an outage and credited my account for a missed appointment. I am an unreasonable person. I understand things happen, but because no one contacted me, I had to take more time off work to just wait around for no one to show. Because of my issues with the router, this week I have had to take a lot of time off work, had to make a long commute, and will continue to have to because I now won’t be available until Monday morning to wait for another agent.

I am extremely unhappy and disappointed with my experience this week. Twenty dollars and a scripted apology doesn’t seem to suffice. People have told me about how poorly they've been treated and I didn’t believe it until today. Luckily, my job is very understanding but even they are getting to their wits end. I hope that this email finds the right ear and that they can empathize with my stress and frustrations.