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Deceitful Business Practices

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Deceitful Business Practices

I signed up for Xfinity services in March 2018 on a promotion for internet that was high speed for $39.99. After 10 months, this promotion expired which I was aware of and was told upon signing up. Once the promotion expired, my bill went up to $54.99. On February 4, I spoke to a customer service representative about options to lower my bill back down to the $39.99 range. I had the option for "performance pro internet" which I was told was a slower internet speed but was back to the $39.99/month bill, excluding a one time fee. I figured there would be an activation fee as always or something similar. I have a bill due 4/28 (so 2 bills after this call) and it is now $66.95 and all the fees under "understand my bill" are regularly monthly charges. So I get back on with Xfinity customer support and have been told that the $39.99 (keep in mind it's a slower internet) was a promo price and the regular charge is $66.95. I have my call transcript - at NO time was I told the $39.99 was a promo price, at no time was I told the regular monthly bill would be HIGHER than the $54.99 that I had called about lowering in the first place. This is extremely deceitful behavior on the part of the Xfinity employee and Xfinity in general - WHY would I EVER want to reduce my internet speed and PAY MORE MONEY? Now I am spending even more time contacting Xfinity support. Absolutely appalling. The representative needs to tell you if it's a promo and if so for how long, and they should tell you the price your bill goes up to after the fact. 

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Re: Deceitful Business Practices

theoliviaevans, welcome to the forums! 


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're running into. I understand how important it is to have a low bill, and I can definitely help take a look at what options are available with you. Please send me a PM with your first and last name to get started. 

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