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Deal for comcast customers

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Deal for comcast customers

You get a deal in the postal mail and think ok i'll save $20.00 if I switch!


Call customer service because online chat made the deal confusing?


Phone call to customer service about the $54.99 deal for 150 Mbs internet 10 streaming tv channels.

CSR says oh it costs $69.98 for that deal. Because it is $9.99 to stream the 10 tv channels to you and $5.00 tax..

So the total savings is less than $5.00????

Oh let's not forget it is locked in a 12 month contract.


This is how comcast/exfinity treats great customers with these great deals!



This is the great deal I get from Comcast for being a great customer?????

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Re: Deal for comcast customers

Hi Wheredeal, I can assist reviewing promotions for you. Please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number).


Thank you