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Damaged equipment

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Damaged equipment

How can I get a response from Xfinity regarding equipment damaged by faulty installation of cable entrance? I have chatted with agents and talked to customer service repeatedly. I have been promised each time that a claim had been submitted and I would be contacted: “by Sunday”, “in the next few days,” “by Comcast’s insurance company,” “by a Comcast Claims Representative, although no date could be promised,” and with each new call or chat I am asked to restate the problem, because no record exists of the previous call. I was given a claim number and then told that the number was incorrect, given another claim number which seemed to lead somewhere, but ended with the same result.


When the technician came out, he took pictures of the faulty ground and promised he would attach the pictures to the service order and a claim would be submitted.


I have a difficult time believing that a corporate policy exists to give a standard lie to their customers, but this situation has a commonality to it.