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[Daly City, CA] COMCAST Xfinity Internet & TV Plan as a RENTER.

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[Daly City, CA] COMCAST Xfinity Internet & TV Plan as a RENTER.

Hi Xfinity Community forum!


I am currently a renter in a big home in Daly City, CA, and I already asked my landlord as He is the one who pays for the TV & Internet for everybody, and it seemed like the bandwidth isn't enough to suffice our needs in our home as there are at least 7 persons simultaneously using the internet either by light use, streaming, and gaming. So with that being said, I volunteered to fill whatever the amount needed to upgrade to the next internet speed  tier ($10 more for Blast, $20 more for Extreme, $30 more for Gigabit) because we just need a little bit of a boost in the bandwidth, which is the next tier.


As of the moment, based on what my landlord told me, we are subscribed to Comcast Xfinity service ever since they've been here, roughly 3-4 years ago, and the current plan that we are in are as follows:


> INTERNET: Performance Pro: 150Mbps Download / 5Mbps Upload

> TV: Basic TV Plan: 10+ Channels

> TV Add-on: TFC


Few months ago, the internet speeds in West or even nationwide had a boost. Like from 150/5, it went up to 175/5. Then just when 2020 came in, Xfinity Comcast's online shop mentioned that they started 2020 with a speed boost. Right where Performance Pro is now at 200/5. Although, we haven't felt it, as my current speed test is 118-120Mbps Down and 5 Up. Idk why it went down to that.. Although last July to November, my speed increased to 180Mbps which is the boosted speed at that time, then dropped to 120Mbps by November, idk why..XF1.png







Now, I did asked a lot of Community Support Staff via Live Chat about certain things that we wanted to do with our plan, and they said it would actually work and we have the choice to do everything we wanted to do with our plan. Like, we only wanted to upgrade the internet tier, we do not want to change anything with the TV as it already meets our needs.


Then a week ago, my landlord called Xfinity and asked about the certain plan that we wanted to do. To upgrade the Internet from PERFORMANCE PRO to BLAST PRO which is only a 15 DOLLARS DIFFERENCE based on the ONLINE information posted. But the customer support kept mentioning to my landlord that WE HAVE TO RE-EVALUATE, AND RE-STRUCTURE THE WHOLE PLAN, AND SIGN A NEW CONTRACT.




So then, is there anyone from the Customer Support who is reading this message in the forums that could actually help us to get what we really wanted to get?



Performance Pro


Blast Pro OR Extreme Pro



Internet base price per Xfinity Shop:


Performance Pro:


200Mbps Download

5Mbps Upload


Blast Pro:


300Mbps Download

10Mbps Upload

Difference from Performance Pro: $10/mo


Extreme Pro:


600Mbps Download

15Mbps Upload

Difference from Performance Pro: $20/mo




1000Mbps Download

35Mbps Upload

Difference from Performance Pro: $30/mo



If there are any discrepancies on the information that I have posted, please do clear it, and again, if there is some who could help us, please let me know so we could  reach out. Smiley Sad

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Re: [Daly City, CA] COMCAST Xfinity Internet & TV Plan as a RENTER.



Being that you are disappointed in your Internet speeds. What speed do you receive when you are connecting your device directly to the modem via an ethernet cable? I only ask because based on the images you uploaded it looks as though you are doing most of your testing via a WiFi connection and as you probably know no ISP can guarantee a specific speed via a WiFi connection.  


In CA, Xfinity's Performance Pro is only 175 Mb down and 5 Mb up. Last week Comcast started with new internet speed tiers, namely Performance Pro+. Performance Pro+ is 200 Mb down and 5 Mb up, but if you have not contacted Comcast to switch to this speed tier you are not automatically receiving it. Not that it probably matters to you, but again based on your images, if you have 7 people/devices connecting to your network at any given time (probably more since MANY devices have the ability to connect to a WiFi signal in a home) the speed you are receiving is actually rather good.


As for the prices you are estimating to upgrade your Internet, where are you finding these? I recommend that you check

You will also notice, that most of these "deals" require an "agreement" or in other words a contract.


Comcast is really good at re-bundling people to get them a pretty good deal, however, if there have been changes to television channel lineups you will be subject to any changes when making the package change. If you are in a bundled "deal" now (you can find out on your bill or in My Account) it may not be possible for Comcast to keep your television the same and only change your Internet speed tier. Usually, it can only be one bundle of services or another. If you do not want to bundle together in this manner you will have to pay full price (no discounts) for each service individually. This method may get you exactly what you want but it is far more expensive and there is still no guarantee that there will be no changes to your tv package or your channel lineup. 


If I were you, I would speak with my landlord and housemates to discuss the options that are available here:

I would also recommend reviewing the current channel lineups in your area here: to ensure you are getting the channels you all want to watch.


Then once you decide on the exact package you want, have your landlord (the account holder) contact Comcast via one of the methods outlined here:

and have them be very specific as to what you want. I prefer contacting Comcast via Facebook Messager as they are always VERY fast. Since this is primarily a peer-to-peer based support forum employee responses can be delayed or not at all.


Hope this helps. 

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Re: [Daly City, CA] COMCAST Xfinity Internet & TV Plan as a RENTER.

Hi @Here4Help !


Thank you very much for  all of the information you shared regarding my topic, I really appreciated it!


Going back to the reply, I was using WiFi from Nov. 2018 until Jul. 2019, because that's when we have decided to go ahead and fix the ethernet wallplugs, if you look at the Speedtest screenshot that I have shared, 07.02.19 @ 10:43AM speedtest showed my regular; average DL and UL speed via WiFi. then by the time I shifted to Ethernet line on 07.11.19 @ 07:50AM, it jumped to 176.89Mbps DL. I stopped checking my speetests until 11.24.19 @ 08:14AM that's when I saw that the speed dropped back to 115-120Mbps even if it is still wired. I really don't know why, I haven't figured it out yet, I never changed anything after we set up the ethernet wiring.


I saw the pricing per internet deal online:

Blast Pro+:



Extreme Pro+:







There, that's where I based the pricing.


It makes sense, maybe His current plan is actually bundled before that's why He is required to do some plan reconstruction, I'll see to it and I think I should actually plan this thing, as He also wanted to get into the right deal, and save some money from it. Thank you again.