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DMCA Copyright Sims 4

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DMCA Copyright Sims 4

For the past week I have been receiving notifications of copyright infringememt from Comcast stating that I have been illegally torrenting The Sims 4 Fitgirl repack. Neither myself nor my roommate has done so. When I called the help number, I was told to search our devices for any relevant files and delete them. Both myself and my roommate did so, and we found nothing. I was also told to change my Wifi password, which I have done now twice. I have tried everything I can think of. We disconnected all of our devices for a day, ran multiple virus scans, turned off our hotspot, everything. We are still getting these notices. The help line has not helped at all--they have given me solutions that don't even exist. They also told me they change our IP Addresses daily for our security--that can't be true. The IP address listed on the email has not changed, nor has my own (the IP addresses don't match, but the help line doesn't seem to care... they just tell me to stop torrenting illegal files, which we're not).

Additionally, some of my coworkers have received similar notices from Comcast (all for the Sims 4), though with less frequency than myself.

What should I do? I'm at a loss, and I'd prefer to keep my service. It's the only functional service in the area.