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Customer service wastes our time!


Customer service wastes our time!

Over the two weeks I've called about a problem and spent 20-30 minutes rooting around my system as directed by customer support only to find out later that there was outage, it had nothing to do with my equipment.   Tell us up front! 


Today was no better, I spend 20+ minutes on the phone to be told that I had to talk with a higher level of support, but they were real busy so I should call back later.   I had asked about whether there was an outage and told 'no', but suspect if I call back later I'll waste 20-30 minutes to find out there was one.


Come on, have some appreciation that our time is valuable too.   And to follow up on others, please stop just parroting "I'm sorry"; it is not substitute for doing something or explaining what is going on.