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Customer service needs to be in U.S.!

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Customer service needs to be in U.S.!

My modem died yesterday so they said I would have to wait for a tech to come on Tuesday, today was Sunday. I asked if I could go swap at a Xfinity store and they said yes. Now why did I have to ask this? This should have been something they suggested to me! So when I get home today and hook up the new modem and call customer service, I tell them I see “XFSETUP-5540” as a WiFi signal and since since this is new it must have something to do with the new modem I put in. The rep says we have to send a refresh signal and we all know that takes a while. Once that was done I was told something was wrong with the cable and the tech was going to have to fix it. After hanging up with the Philippines I decide to google what xfsetup means only to find this area where I learned I needed to put in the password that is on the bottom of the modem. Once I did that my WiFi was fixed and no tech was needed. If Comcast/Xfinity employed people in the U.S. this type of miscommunication wouldn’t happen! Very disappointing!
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Re: Customer service needs to be in U.S.!

I'm not convinced you wouldn't have got the same response if you would have talked to a domestic customer service rep.  It's all a matter of training, being familiar with the services/devices and having the proper tools at their disposal.  Did you ask the rep where they were located or just assume?

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(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)