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Customer service doesn't share notes??

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Customer service doesn't share notes??

I called customer support because my internet was dropping in and out and there were not outages reported in the area.  My ROKU TV also decided to stop finding my network.  I initially spoke to a woman who was very nice and did her best to help.  Unfortunately after trying what seemed to be 50 different things, she decided she needed to pass us on to another level of support.  Understood... It had already been 45 minutes and I must say my patience was beginning to wear thin.  I was passed to someone I could barely understand only to be asked the same questions the previous tech person had asked me.  I asked him why he didn't have notes from the conversation I had just had.  He said there was no communication from his previous colleague.  Ok, patience is now brinking on non existent.  WHY would you pass your customer on to another tech support person and not give them any history of the hoops you just had them jump through???  To make this LONG hour and a half tech support call into a readable time frame, I went ahead and jumped through his hoops as well.  The wireless began working, but still nothing connecting to my network.  It had worked 2 hours before I called.  The 2nd tech support person then had the nerve to tell me that "they didn't support TVs".  WHAT???  I'm not calling about my TV.  I called about the router not doing it's job FOR my TV.  That was the last line he said to me because I had HAD it.  I told him I would never ever transfer one of my customers to another tech support person without giving them background on the issue.  What horrible horrible customer service.  You're losing the battle Xfinity if you don't see that is a basic customer support need.  You NEVER have your customer start telling the issue over from scratch.  Rant over.... Till the next time I get transfered. 


Re: Customer service doesn't share notes??

Hi Tyosborn -- Thank you for sharing your experience with the technical support agents. This is not the kind of experience we'd want for you or any other customer. I did want to see if you ever got your issue resolved. Please let me know. I will help with support if this has not been resolved already.