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Who is it that every time I contact customer service they never cease to amaze me at how bad the ability to resolve, follow up and seem to decrease service but increase price and do not value the customers that pay for it. Examples: 1)previous function that allowed me to remotely scheduled recordings no longer avail with no warning alternative or credit after removal. 2) previous ability to designate 2.4 or 5 GHz makes it much more difficult to manage WiFi devices that only use 2.4 that need to be reset. 3) When router was replaced I was never informed phone number would need to be provisioned again, even though I had same phone number for over 20 years. 4) no one followed up with any of these issues. 5) I was never told my phone was not working for days until my home alarm discovered when trying to do weekly communication test. 6) I have never been offered a credit for any outage until I requested it. 7) If you use chat service the representatives are not allowed to talk to you in the phone. 7) Their are too many Xfinity apps when all functions should be under one App
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Hello @Chrisc1


Thank you for sharing your feedback about recent experiences and concerns you have.  I can understand why no longer having the option to set recordings remotely can be frustrating, especially if you're on the go and not home to schedule the recordings. However, that feature was removed earlier this year due to legal reasons. You mentioned managing your WiFi Networks. By chance, have you tried using the xFi App to manage the two? Depending on the modem you have, this may help manage the network and devices that are connected. I'm sorry that the provisioning of your modem was not completed after swapping your modem. Has this been fixed yet? If not, I'd be more than happy to do so for you. As for our chat agents not being able to call you, because we are the Corporate Digital Care Team, we primarily work through private messages on social media to resolve concerns. If you do wish to speak with an agent, please call in and we will help however we can. As for our multiple apps, I will pass along your feedback to see if there are any plans on simplifying our customer's experience. Because you mentioned an increase in price for your services, we'd be happy to see if there is anything that would help lower your monthly rate. 

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