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Customer Service run around

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Customer Service run around

I recently tried to lower my bill through chat and was told that he wrote down all of my information and they were working to get me the best deals possible and that I should contact customer loyalty who then proceeded to tell me that the people conducting chats tell customers to call the loyalty department even if there aren't cheaper plans / discounts available.  I explained what services i could get from another provider and asked if they could match any of the services or waive any fees (HD programming fee, regional sports fee, local channels fees, etc) and all I was offered was a discount of $5/month for my DVR service or to lower my bill (approximately) $15, but lose more than half the channels I already have.  Anyone else experience this customer service nightmare of talking to one person and then being told to call someone else only to be told there isn't anythning that can be done?


Re: Customer Service run around

There are reps that work in retention that may have deals available to them to save customers that are canceling services. This is why the regular reps sometimes transfer customers. No doubt they are also exasperated after telling customers there aren't any deals for them. 

I am not an employee.