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Customer Service and billing

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Customer Service and billing

11/10/17 - This is the first time I have ever posted anything, but I am fed up with Xfinity/Comcast and their billing and customer service. This company is the worst in customer service I have ever had to deal with to resolve any issue. My service has been temporarily disconnected. When I called to find out why I was told you owe a past due amount, I enquired what amount and was told for Sept and Oct service. I stated due to Hurricane Irma I had no service from 9/9 to 10/1 and partial service from 10/1-10/30. After numerous phone calls to have my service repaired, someone finally showed up 11/1.  I was told today that I must pay for Sep and Oct and on a future bill whatever credit is owed will be issued and that an audit will need to be initiated and that takes 48 hours.  Previously on 10/30 When I had called and the rep stated that an audit will be conducted (that’s more than 48 hrs ago); however I find out today that this wasn’t done.  On 10/30 I was told I would be fully credited for 9/9-10/1 and partially for 10/1-10/30. Since September I’ve even paid $287 in good faith to xfinity/Comcast for services not received expecting to see the credit before now and all I get is service temporarily disconnected!  Today I asked to speak to a supervisor or corporate or anyone else who can assist and was told there is no one else who can assist or speak to including corporate until I pay another $198.23 to satisfy the past due amounts for Sep and Oct.  The rep finally gave me a phone number supposedly to corporate but it actually just states the numerous advertising of xfinity and their affiliates.  The rep stated that she would put in a request for a supervisor to call back, I asked if the supervisor will call today, she stated she doesn’t know, it depends on how many requests they receive and the priority.  She stated that it didn’t matter who I called that I would be transferred back to collections until I paid and after I paid I would be able to speak to others. I didn’t know xfinity uses this type of strong arm tactics, pay first and and then we will talk. I was going to use two of their affiliated companies for other services for cell phone and cable but now that I know they are associated with xfinity, I will be rethinking that idea. This is not the first time I had issues with xfinity.  When I became a customer in 2015, I was charged for alarm equipment and services I did not have install. It took over 5 months to resolve. But I foolishly gave xfinity another chance and it is turning into a big mistake. So Mr CEO and corporate if your really listening and hearing your customers; major and I mean major improvements are needed in your billing and customer support.


Re: Customer Service and billing

You've fallen into the trap that almost everyone falls into: not paying for services when service has been interrupted [which seems logical enough].  We think that Comcast should be aware of who specifically has been impacted by disasters like Hurricane Irma, but their mindset is contine billing and then issue credit for the interruption later.  Unlike most utilities, like electric, Comcast thinks that their service is never interrupted so never takes into consideration when it comes to billing that a widespread disaster would knock out service to nearly an entire state and so should suspend billing for that time, especially when their own infrastructure was impacted.


What you were told, however, is correct, that you still need to pay for September and October and a credit will be issued to your account after an audit.  So, yes, you most likely will have to pay the ~$200 in order to restore your services.


In the meantime fill out the form for receiving a credit for the time your services were interrupted.

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Re: Customer Service and billing

Hi, Lingram1413 - The credit for a Hurrican Irma has been applied back in September. You can see it on the billing statement for the October. The last payment prior the November one was back in August. I can definitely review the credit adjustment for issues in October if you send your name, address, and a phone number in a private message. Thank you. 

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