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Customer Service Expectations, Message for Tom Karinshak

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Customer Service Expectations, Message for Tom Karinshak

Message for Tom Karinshak,


You should be ashamed of the way this customer service department is ran. Whether by design, inattention, or lack of resources this department offers little or no help to the customers that fund your position at comcast. To make matters worse, from a customer perspective, it is plain to see that the system is designed to keep customers in a loop of expecting service while not actually receiving any. I will give you that your completly automated system is able to address some common issues, but if there is anything outside the box your completly automated system quickly becomes a source of frustration with no apparent path for resolution.

When the comcast service is working, it perfoms wonderful and I would give it high marks for satisfaction.

Your Customer Service Department, in my oppinion, is one of if not the worst system i have ever needed to use. If this were my department I would be ashamed of it