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Customer Retention: An upgrade that is a downgrade

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Customer Retention: An upgrade that is a downgrade



Over the weekend I was persuaded to stay with Xfinity by someone in your customer retention team got me a cheaper deal and a faster download speed.  He failed to mention however that my upload speed would be halved.  If this was explained to me I would have declined the "upgrade".


What bothers me most is that I signed another 2-year agreement but although my download speed raised from 150Mbps to 250Mbps my upload speed was downgraded from 20Mbps to 10Mbps.  This is a sideways upgrade a best but I actually notice the upload speed being halved way more so it's more of a downgrade for me.


Technical support said there was no way to downgrade me back to my original plan. 


This can't be right as the full T&C's of the upgrade was never explained to me.


What do I do?