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Customer Complaint (since the only way to submit one is via fax or mail)

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Customer Complaint (since the only way to submit one is via fax or mail)

I have been a customer of xfinity for a while now, & I have always raved about the service (I couldn't wait to switch my phone plan over) During this pandemic, every person, every company, and every industry has been affected, & I'd like to think I've been very understanding & patient. However, no other service provider has caused me such anxiety, frustration, or tears than xfinity.

For the past 2 months I have had countless service interruptions (as many as 3 a day), & I've called & spoken to countless customer services representatives. Each time explaining the situation, & understanding that technicians weren't being deployed, I accepted the "reset the router every single time until a technician was able to be sent out" workaround. 

However, the last person that I spoke with let me know that my plan did not support the number of devices I have connect & should upgrade. I asked multiple technicians if this was the problem at the beginning & was told no. For TWO MONTHS I have been struggling to get my work done in order to pay for this failing service, when the resolution was exactly what I asked two months ago. 
I could could go on & on about how this company has let me down in the past 8 weeks, but I'm writing today for the following:
1. I just upgraded my service & I cannot, for the life of me, find the details of this plan online. Why would not easily show me the speed, number of devices, data... that I'm paying for? I need this information along with any tv service that is bundled & if/how I can drop the tv service.
2. A while ago, I called because my phone number & email address are tied to some old account & I cant tie it to my existing account. The technician couldn't figure it out & I accepted that, but after this horrible experience, I want it resolved. 
3. To inform you that I attempted one of the FEW ways to reach a rep & was never responded to. This was via FB messenger - initiated at 3:51pm today, told that a rep would be with me within 21 minutes at 3:53, & its now 4:53pm.
4. To request a future discount or money back for the unreliable service & poor experience with customer support.
I have not yet cancelled my service because I'm still, for whatever reason, hoping that xfinity will stop disappointing me, however if this issue isn't resolved I will be taking my business elsewhere.