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Credit My Account - Returned Equipment

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Credit My Account - Returned Equipment



I had my equipment shipped to Comcast on 11/21/2017 and it was delivered to Comcast on 11/22/2017. I have the tracking information. Everytime I call your agents cannot locate the equipment or have me on hold for a long time. This again happened today. Who can I elevate this to so it can be resolved once and for all? I have offered several times to send over the documentation to help Comcast locate the equipment and at no point has anyone said they needed it when clearly they do.


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Re: Credit My Account - Returned Equipment

Hi G1H -- I can help with your equipment issue. Are you able to send that tracking number to me in a PM please? I will also need your full name, address, and either phone number/account number on your account for verification purposes. 


Click my name (ComcastZach) and click Private Message Me.