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Crappy service personal

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Crappy service personal

Comcast was working on the line to our house. They said they shortened it by 150 feet and wanted to check our signal.  Sounds good so far.. Before my wife could stop them they came in with their muddy boots and didn't even put booties on.  now we need to get our carpet cleaned.


Ever other time comcast has came to our house they made sure they didn't track  mud in.

Will ignore the fact that they tell us they are done so we let the dogs out and they keep coming back causing us to have to re-lock up the dogs.


Good Services guys, need to train these people.

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Re: Crappy service personal

Hello, I would like to assist you with this issue from here. Can you provide the full name on the account and phone number or account number? To send a private message click on my name, then click private message me.