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Couldn't get to customer service

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Couldn't get to customer service

Earlier today, I realized I had lost my internet connection. Thinking it was the modem, I did the usual unplug/plug in again the power cord. I did this twice and then I noticed that the light for "online" wasn't on. So, I called 800.934.9489. I didn't realize I had misdialed and had reached "Home Solutions". After the rep got my details I told her why I was calling. After a brief pause she said "You have reached the Home Solutions Desk. May I intererst you in bladdy-blah service. How many tv sets do you have?" I repeated that I needed help with my modem and wanted to speak to someone who could help me. Each time she repeated she spiel but with a different offer. She did mention once that I neede to speak to my service provider and then I asked her how I reach them. She then repeated her spiel with yet another offer and that's when I hung up. I was livid. Then I noticed out my window that there were two Comcast/Xfinity service vehicles. I went out and spoke to one of the technicians and told him what happened. He said that Comcast wants you to go "online" to try and find a solution to problems. Then I said, "How do I do that when I can't get online?"

First of all. Why didn't that Home Solutions rep just transfer to the correct number?

Secondly. If there is a general internet problem affecting the neighborhood, why can't Comcast send out a text or voicemail message? They know how to contact us.

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Re: Couldn't get to customer service

Hi thenightbreak,  thank you for reaching out and apologies for your experiences. I am not familiar with this number nor the Home Solutions department but you should be transferred to the correct department when asked.   Also did the technicians say there was an internet problem affecting your neighborhood?   If you are still experiencing issues  with your services, please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number).


Thank you

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