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Cost up, service down

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Cost up, service down

So my bill went up and that indicated to me that my two year contract was once again expired.  As in the past I called Xfinity and fully expected after a short negotation that I would be offered the same deal I had for a two year commitment, that is what has happend in the past.  Got a nice lady that tried to explain that Xfinity nolonger had contracts like I always had in the past and that I had little choice but to pay the increased cost.  She assured me I would get the same channels as I had.  At least I thought she said that, she confused fast speach with actual communication and as my mind drifted and tried to count how many times she could say 'like' in once fast speak sentence.  I did not fully get what she was trying to tell me and told her so, and that generated yet another wave of 'like's.

I finally got tired and agreed to pay the increase.  Then a few days later I notice I am missing some of my channels I watched.  Check the channel lineup online and sure enough, I don't get them any more.

So more money, fewer channels and an rep who likes to say 'like'.  I use to comment to my neighbors how good Xfinity is, now I tell them how good they use to be and find something else.  I know I am looking.