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Cost of Basic ISP services

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Cost of Basic ISP services

This is a repost. First post was answered quickly by Comcast, and lost by me, so I have to do it again.


I pay Comcast $69.99/month for the slowest internet-only service, and thats with my own modem/router. That's far too much dough for basic internet services, and I'm trapped into it forever.


Comcast and its predecessors had a total monopoly in my town in Mass until Verizon came in 10+ years ago and everybody's rates moderated.


However, when Verizon tried to install their fibre optic cable to our 23-unit condo property, the story goes that a Comcast rep told our board to deny them access because they, Verizon, would cut the existing Comcast wiring and everyone would be forced to subscribe to Verizon forever, and that would not be a good thing.


Now with Verizon not at all willing to come back and finish the job, all 23 of us are now forced to subscribe to Comcast forever and it is, in fact, not a good thing.


I don't believe that Comcast would have sanctioned whatever this rep did all those years ago, but it does seem like they are taking advandater of it, and that's why I pay the rediculus sum of $69.99/month for basic internet services to my own modem/router. 


Maybe someone can make this right?


Thank you.