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Constant delays with new service line installation!

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Constant delays with new service line installation!

I am beyond frustrated at this point.


Some backstory: 


Just purchased a new home this past August in a neighborhood with established Comcast services. Prior to moving, I set my internet service to begin at my new address August 23rd, and was set to do the self install. After multiple failed attempts and speaking with customer service, they stated that something had to be wrong with my service line and they would have a tech come out to inspect. This visit was scheduled for August 26th. 


Come August 26th, the tech was late. No biggie, he said they were short staffed and I get that things happen. Within 10 minutes he informs me my service line is destroyed, believed to have been ripped out by a truck due to a sagging wire crossing the road, and the only remedy is to run a new service line under the road, as there is no suitable utility pole on my side of the road. We set everything up with dispatch, and they inform me that it won't occur for a little over a week and a half due to needed permits and utility locates. Fine, no big deal. The line bury was scheduled for September 5th, and a tech was scheduled to connect the new service line to the house on September 6th.


September 6th rolls around, tech shows up and informs me a new line wasn't run. So we go through the process of scheduling another service line appointment and another tech follow-up. Frustrated, I set new appointments. The service line bury is rescheduled for September 16th, and a tech scheduled for September 17th. September 16th arrives and I did not see a crew to come bury a service line. I call customer service and they confirm the job was not complete and I rescheduled the in-home tech visit, since I don't want to waste my or the tech's time to get the same answer. I commence calling every day from the 17th through the 20th about the service line, each  representative saying it will be completed in the next day or two, also rescheduling my tech appointment each time. As you can imagine, the work still wasn't completed by the end of the week, and at customer service's request, they send an tech out on September 21st to verify if the new line has been installed. The tech arrives and they confirm no new service line has been installed and once again, my time is wasted. I called customer service about this, and am told essentially to deal with it and wait until the new line is installed, which should occur by Monday, September 24th.


Again, no crews arrive to install a new line.


In a follow up to customer service on September 25th, the customer service rep tells me this job can take up to 14 days to complete from the appointment date (September 16th), and that I would see utility locate flags prior to the work being completed. If nothing occurs by then of that period, I will have to call in and setup ANOTHER appointment for a new service line that will require AT LEAST another 2 week delay. Well, I am nearing the end of that 14 day period and still no signs that the work will be done any time soon. It has been over a MONTH without service, with no end in sight.


Is there anyone else I can call to get results? Countless customer service reps and installation techs have "elevated the issue to their supervisor" or "increased the project priority with dispatch" to get a resolution, but it is clearly not getting anywhere. I have also been told I would be followed up with several times as well, and have never gotten a call back. What else can I do? I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years, and to be treated with such disregard is a shame and utterly frustrating. 


Re: Constant delays with new service line installation!

Hi @jnschwarz

It sounds like you are waiting for the construction department to complete a plant build out. It also sounds like the phone reps are confusing this with installing a line to your house (know as a drop.) Are your utilities underground? Do you see any green Comcast pedestals near your house? 


I've asked a corporate employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

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Re: Constant delays with new service line installation!

Hello, jnschwarz. Welcome to the Xfinity Forums. I would be more than happy to take a look into this issue for you and make sure that line gets run. Please send me a Private Message with your full name so I can assist.


To send a private message, click my name "ComcastTambrey", then click "send a message".


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