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Conflicting information \ Lies from xfinity???

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Conflicting information \ Lies from xfinity???

What exactly are xfinitys policy when upgrading their service? Can I use my own equipment with Gigabyte internet speeds or not? I have spoken to multiple "agents" that tell me I can use my own hardware, I even was successfull in "side grading" (as said by xfinity agent) my plan only to have it not get "pushed through" because I didnt have compatible equipment at the time. Which was correct I had the DOCISS 3.0 modem that I would have to upgrade in order to achieve Gigabyte speeds. But when I spoke to the "agent" after realizing that I didnt have a compatiable modem he then explained that I would be "REQUIRED" to RENT from xfinity in order to have the Gigabyte teir internet speed package. It clearly states here that we can use our own equipment for Gigabyte speed.


Just wondering if I am being scammed by Xfinity for being "REQUIRED" to rent overpriced equipment? If so I would think the FCC or BBB would need to be notified of such false advertisements and actions by xfinity.


Re: Conflicting information \ Lies from xfinity???

You may be required to rent a modem to establish Gig service, but you can swap it for your own equipment anytime thereafter.  

I am not an employee.