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Complimentary Account Review is a treat

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Complimentary Account Review is a treat

Fairly disappointing experience with a 'complimentary account review'. Please keep in mind that Comcast has effectively created this situation for themselves. I recieved a notice in the mail to call for a 'complimentary account review'. I called the number and spoke with someone who said there name was Frank. I explained why I was calling and he said that he did not understand. Frank then proceeded to ask for information to confirm my identity. After this he had offered me an internet+cable package. I explained that I use internet only and cable is not something we need or use in my household. He explained that he didn't understand and proceeded to tranfer me to customer service as they would be able to offer me a better deal. I was transferred to someone named Kristan who advised me that there aren't any deals for internet only packages that are available to me. I thanked her and we disconnected the call.

Now, before I had spoken to Frank I had opted into receiving a call afterwards for a survey and feedback. Roughly half an hour after my orignal phone call, I receive a call from (267)888-1837. I answer the phone, 'hello?....hello?' but there is no answer. Another half hour goes by and I receive a second call from the same number. 'Hello?....hello?' But no answer.

After this I logged onto and get prompted with a message asking for feedback of my experience. I follow the link to a form that allows me to fill out feedback. I begin to type my experience when, low and behold, there is a character limit preventing me from explaining my full experience.

Very disappointing as none of this would have happened unless I received the 'complimentary account review' notice. My advice is to change the wording on the notice to 'check out how terrible our customer service is....and this one is ON US!' I would like to take a moment to stress that the people I had spoken to were all VERY pleasant. The issues are in the processes and procedures.

Thank you Comcast for treating one of your 'loyal customer[s]' to this 'complimentary' experience.