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Completely uncoordinated service !!!

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Completely uncoordinated service !!!

I own a vecation home in Florida.

Have Comcast internet / Voice & TV.

Use 4 x set-top boxes on 4 TVs in differnt rooms.

One TV (only) showing "no signal", others all O.K. + Vioce & internet O.K.

Have had a previous occasion where PSU to one of the set-top boxes failed - easy to diagnose as no led on box !!!

Seems to have happened again on a different box this time !

Comcast "service" (deliberate quotes) just sends you around in ever-decreasing circles:

Have you checked connections?

Restart box.

Does it now work?


Restart box.

Does it now work ?

(Repeat 'till dead.....)

Eventually 'phoned landline to talk to a human (I'm in U.K. )

Go through same Restart rigmarole to no avail...

Human tells me can't proceed until can talk to guests in home.

Arrange 'phone contact for 4:15pm.

Email guest in home to expect call.


Back to 'phone from U.K.

Re-arrange call to guest in home.

Get email from guests in home,  they were called eventually by a "lady who did some tests"....She said engineer visit needed, but can only be authorised by me !!!

Back to 'phone from U.K.

Different agent (of course !!) Back to restart rigmarole as there is NO RECORD of prior umpteen calls.

Guests in home are in 80s so unwilling to "self instal" replacement box which, I am assured, will arrive "sometime within the next 4 days" - .. & cost me $6.99 !!

Forced to arrange engineer visit at $70....


PLEASE can you at least temporarily retain a record of fault calls to negate the need to repeat over & over again the same rigmarole to different operatives ???

This would save you a considerable amount of time & considerably reduce the likelyhood of your payaing customers cancelling.....

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Re: Completely uncoordinated service !!!

The one thing that you didn’t mention, did you have your tenants check that they were on the proper tv input? It’s easy to do if someone is a stranger to the service.

I am a Retired Official Comcast Employee
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Re: Completely uncoordinated service !!!

First thing that was tried !!!!

Obviously did not work... :-(

Guests visit twice yearly & are conversant with system.

As mentioned, other 3 sets receiving a signal....

Assuming either cable box or it's PSU has failed I will, of course, expect the $70 "engineer visit" fee to be withdrawn...

Surely equipment failure when equipment can only be leased has to be diagnosed / corrected by a Comcast employee ????

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Re: Completely uncoordinated service !!!

It gets better...!!!!

"Engineer" visit arranged for 5 to 7 pm Saturday 14th.

Guests in house deliberately stayed in (they are on vacation).

They get a recorded 'phone call 5:15 - "The engineer is with you, go greet him" - NO ENGINEER....

They get another recorder message 5:45 -  "Sorry you missed the engineer".....

Obviously, guest now very unhappy - me to blame :-(

Back into the Comcast "service" automated 'phone system to establish truth.

After 90 minutes on 'phone, am now of the opinion Comcast DO NOT KNOW WHAT TRUTH iS.

Have re-arranged "engineer" visit 8 to 10 am Tuesday 17th.

Guests then without TV for a week...

If I get charged, then it's Centurylink.....

Luckily ??? My last 2 year contract has expired :-)

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Re: Completely uncoordinated service !!!

And better yet...

Now have a bill for over £25 ( $31) for 'phone calls to Comcast....

Well over 2 hours on hold...

0800 numbers are billed from U.K.

Can it get any better ???????????????

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Re: Completely uncoordinated service !!!


Comcast techie arived 8:30 this morning.

Replaced PSU & all now O.K.



This is the second PSU failure on 4 x boxes...

Obviously, your PSUs are lifetime limited...

Is there not a way that mere customers (admittedly regarded as an inconvenience by yourselves) could not acquire said PSU without the rigmarole of over 2 hours on the 'phone & an tech vist which must cost you ???

It's a fairly simple diagnostic - No LED = No power.....