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Complete dishonesty - Comcast hides fees when you sign up

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Complete dishonesty - Comcast hides fees when you sign up

I tried signing up online for new service at a new location in San Jose, CA. I noticed the X1 Premier Double Play package, which includes 150 Mbps and 260+ Channels for $134.99/mo. After going through the process and adding an aditional TV Box, while keeping my own modem, the price goes up to $144.94/mo. There are 7 different pages you need to go through, until you get through the final 'Let's review your order', which still tells me my Regular Monthly Charges are going to be $144.94/mo. At the very bottom, in small italizied letter, it says *Excludes taxes & fees


So, what taxes and fees are these exactly? According to a represetentive over the phone, the taxes can range from $10-$20, depending on your area. The fees are mandatory, at $8/mo [Broadcast TV Fee] and $6.75/mo [Regional Sports Fee]. Why aren't these $8 and $6.75 fees included into the price automatically, based on the location you entered from step 1? I am sitting here thinking I am going to pay $144.94/mo, and I am ready to click submit order. Until I see that small asterisk of "Excludes taxes & fees", which caused me to do more research. In reality, I am apparently going to be paying at LEAST $169.69 [after the fees + taxes]. That's an extra $25 on top of the 'Let's review your order' "final" price of $144.94. Taxes could be up to $20, which would bring up the total to $179.69, which is an extra $35 on top of what I actually believed I was going to pay on the 'Let's review your order' page.


I have attached photos, labled page1/page2/etc... That shows you exactly what I saw while going through this setup process. I think it's completely dishonest of Comcast to hide these mandatory fees from the customer. I understand that I was going to pay taxes, but I did not think I was going to have to pay an extra $15 in TV/Sports fees. Also, when you get to the last page of an order, which allows you to review everything, why wouldn't you [comcast] list all these fees for the customer? It's ridiculous and unprofessional.


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Re: Complete dishonesty - Comcast hides fees when you sign up

Hi janzaldua, 


Sorry you feel this way. Thanks for your feedback. I'll pass this along to my leadership.  

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