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Comedy of errors

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Comedy of errors

I received a solicitation from Comcast to upgrade my modem and accepted same. Due to some issues I had experienced previously I elected to have the device installed by a Comcast technician. The device was installed and the tech told my elderly mother that all was working and left. But, unfortunately, all was not working. The tech had installed a 2 Ethernet port device when the prior modem had 4 ports. He had left the 2 disconnected cables behind the device and left. When I called Comcast they agreed to send another tech the next day to install a switch. They even called me to confirm that was what I wanted. When the tech turned up he advises that Comcast don’t install switches. So I’m back to the old modem having wasted a lot of my time and the tech’s time too. To add insult to injury Comcast tried to send me another 2 port modem which after 30 minutes on the phone I finally managed to cancel.  So, why not tell people that the new gateway has more limited access so they can purchase their own switch in time for the installation.? How can a technician get away with telling an 80 year old woman that all is working when he knows that 2 devices can’t be connected . And then of course THEY TRY TO CHARGE ME FOR IT!

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Re: Comedy of errors

Hi there, Sharron100. I want to help by looking into your account. 

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