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Comcast wires blocking building enterence

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Comcast wires blocking building enterence

Cables used to install service several months ago are blocking the door to another unit in the building.  I have requested service at least 4 times and never received a call or response.  I even have ticket numbers to track my requests.  The wires are a safety hazard and Comcast has shown absolutely zero interest in fixing this issue.  The owners of the unit with the blocked door are now threatening to cut the lines.  I'm at a loss for how to get Comcast's attention and for the issue to be resolved.  It should be as simple as moving the cables elsewhere or securing the lines out of the way of the door.  What recourse do I have after multiple complaints and absolutely zero follow through or assistance from Comcast?

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Re: Comcast wires blocking building enterence

Hi cathcarru. I can assist with alerting our Tech Ops team to the cables that need to be relocated. Please send me a private message and include your full name, the service address, and your phone number so I can assist you. Also, please provide the previous ticket numbers you were given.


Thank you.