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Comcast service

I have had Comcast service fo years and have had a lot of problems with bills, extra charges etc. I would like to know why so many things are goofed up. My first problems were when I purchased my own modem to stop from having to pay a modem rental every month. For over a year, I had to call and get the modem rental fee removed from my account each month or every couple of months. I finally had to contact an attorney and get advice on what to do. The attorney asked me to go through the Virginia State Corporation Commission and file a complaint first before persuing through the court system. I finally got a lady from coroporate to listen to me after the Corporation Commission contacted them and Comcast had to disable my modem for a little over 24 hours and then add it back to their system. It now shows my modem as customer owned. During all of those problems, I got an e-mail that I was late on a payment for service. The funny thing was, I am on autopay. I called and the customer service rep stated I was late and there was a fee for being late. I then asked how could I be late when I am on autopay? They were confused and I escalated the problem up the chain. I never received a response other than they removed the charge. How many others has this happened to and they didn't catch it? Needless to say my experience has not been a pleasant one over the years. I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago stating speeds have been increased in my area and my plan should now be 60Mbps down. The e-mail stated I should have to just reset my modem to take advantage of the new speeds. Well, that didn't work. After two chats with support, they stated that I am still set at 25Mbps down and that my area has not been upgraded yet. I was just on my account and I have triple play. Triple Play is supposed to be 25 Mbps down. My account states I am set for 15 Mbps down. Speed test sites always show between 15 and 18Mbps down. Can someone from Comcast please explain why I have had so many problems? Attached is the screengrab from my account showing what Comcast has me configured as. I pay $172.90/month for basic cable, internet and phone. Why can they not give me what I pay for? Can somebody from Comcast please look into this? I know I've been a thorn in the company's side but I only want what I am paying for. 


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Re: Comcast service

Hello sturgillbd. We apologize for an inconvenience. I can assist you with your internet speed concerns. I would need to review your account, and modem diagnostic bootfile. To get started, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.