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Comcast removing stations-or moving to "add on" packages

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Comcast removing stations-or moving to "add on" packages

My complaint to BBB regarding Comcast/Xfinity's underhanded practices.

When I called to see if it was worth it to switch from Verizon to Comcast, they told me I would have to take a two year contract, but that would guarantee my price and it would include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel and Starz/Encore. You’ve since taken Cinemax, Starz/Encore. I was given a channel list, which included Turner Classic Movies, which you have taken and added to a SPORTS package, that would cost extra, plus I now have to pay another $4 to keep Starz/Encore. As far as the new channels you provided as a substitute has the bottom of the barrel selection of movies. You’ve also raised the prices on “regional” channels AND “regional sports”. I wish the cable companies would take into account that not everyone likes sports. As I have said before, I’m disabled, stuck on a couch most of the day due to pain. All I have is the laptop and the television.
As far as I’m concerned, Comcast didn’t live up to their promises. Greed wins again. Take away stations, substitute it with garbage, and raise the costs. I promise that when this contract is over, I will be changing back to Verizon. At least they didn’t lie to me, or raise prices. In other words, they were honest and kept their end of the deal.

Their response was "we told ahead of time". That doesn't matter! The fact that I'm stuck in a contract, that I have to abide by, but you don't, is the problem. You can jerk me around and I have no legal leg to stand on, because the contract says so. I can now see why all these services are popping up to "cut the cable". I wish the cable companies would stop pushing their "sports" packages, since I for one could care less about sports. On top of all that, they've raised to prices, taken stations away, and we're stuck. I can't wait for the "contract" to be over. And have made it a point to let everyone I know to stay away from Xfinity, and stick with Verizon, or go to one of the streaming services.