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Comcast outage in Goose Creek, SC area since yesterday afternoon.

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Comcast outage in Goose Creek, SC area since yesterday afternoon.

Good morning,

I live in Goose Creek, South Carolina which is a suburb of Charleston and we have been without cable, Internet, and phone service since yesterday afternoon.  We have made repeated calls to Comcast and the automated voice call keeps changing the time service is expected to be back up again.  It is very frustrating especially for those of us who are working from home and rely on the Internet to access our laptops and mobile devices. 


Moreover, I do not see any Comcast trucks in the area.  Evidently, the storm we had the other day did something which has affected service which is not unexpected.  What frustrates me as a Comcast customer is that on a beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in the sky, the cable, Internet, and phone service will be down for hours.  That being said, the lack of urgency on the part of the Comcast call center reps and the automated voice message system is very frustrating for Comcast customers. 


I look around my neighborhood and I'm increasingly seeing satellite dishes on people's roofs.  If Comcast wants us to stay as customers, I highly recommend they step up their service and resolve issues when they occur within a reasonable timeframe or at least have the common courtesy to be empathetic with a sense of urgency. 


Thank you.