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Comcast it is NOT ok to man-in-the-middle my traffic.

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Comcast it is NOT ok to man-in-the-middle my traffic.

Twice yesterday while I was browsing the internet, Comcast man-in-the-middled my web traffic and injected into the webpages I was browsing to inform me I was close to reaching my data cap. This is a violation of privacy and trust. No where do I say my prefered form of communication is inject traffic.  This is a security violvation that Comcast has even developed the capability to do this. They can inject any malicious, and I call what they are doing malicious, code into web browsers.  A cell phone company does not interupt a a conversation to tell you billing infomration.  A water company doesn't inject bad water.  Stop it.

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Re: Comcast it is NOT ok to man-in-the-middle my traffic.

With the new net neutrality gutting, you should no longer trust a a thing they say.<br><br>1. They've lied about the on the go ads. You can't watch anything worthwhile on the go. They blame it on the network by saying 'this network doesn't allow streaming its content outside of your home network's which is garbage. My brother has dish. The app he has is literally called Dish Anywhere. You can't watch anything, anywhere, no strings. Comcast just can't work out deals allowing their consumer total access for whatever greedy reason they have. To add their stance on net neutrality is just insulting your more intelligent consumer base (luckily I moved from my parents and no longer use Comcast, best decision of my life btw).<br><br>2. <a href="" target="_blank"> Their own streaming service is so slow, everyone has issues with it. Theirs no way they won't throttle Netflix based on this alone.