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Comcast is Frustrating

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Comcast is Frustrating

I have been with Xfinity/Comcast for 7 years but they don't seem to know that. Whenever they thank me - they think it's been a year. That is just annoying. But even more annoying is this:


I have had the same phone number associated with my account for 7 years and it is my name on the account. They have the phone number as they identify me when I call.


And yet they send texts to my spouse's phone number.  Today there was a message in the App section of the guide. The message said: We don't have your phone number so we cannot text you. Please enter the number. Next screen asks me for a PIN that is the first 4 digits of my password. When I put it in, it states "Incorrect password."  It is correct. So now I can't even enter the number in the stupid App. I called Comcast and told them and they asked what my number is. After giving it to them, they said "Yes, that's what we have."  But I'm still getting the notices that they cannot text me because they don't have my number!!!


I tried twitter message, but got someone not too bright. Did not understand what I was trying to ask.  Can anyone at Comcast please tell me how to fix this error? This company is driving me crazy.

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Re: Comcast is Frustrating

Hello, @schapman777.


Thank you so much for your tenure with staying with Comcast! I was hired in 2016 so I have all of our tenured and new customers to thank for that. I personally thank you! You keep us going! 


I would love to help you out and improve your experience. You came to the right place for help. I got your back on this one and will do my best to figure out what is going on with telephone service. Let's dive a bit deeper into your account. 


Can you please private message me your full name? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
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