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Comcast hostile visits

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Comcast hostile visits

I never want another visit from a comcast tech. He was rude and walked out without telling me. Now xfinity has charged me $45.99 for this visit. Why do I have to pay for harassment? I never talked to Rhonda. She only left me a message with the tech's name. What use is that? $45.99 should be credited and I hope to never see another comcast tech again.
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Re: Comcast hostile visits

Sounds similar to my visit. The tech drilled a hole in my kitchen for the internet cable of all places [Which made it so that the signal would end up going through the most barriers possible... on the bottom floor]. I just moved in here and every wire was cut. After that I did all the installation of the internet whilst he demanded we give him a water and rudely refer to my bf and I constantly as "boy" and "girl". Then he had me sign something without telling me what and now I have an installation fee, despite being told I wouldn't be charged. And THEN I contacted Xfinity about this. First dude argued with me, second lady told me she could credit 30 bucks until I pushed and she said she would request the full credit to a supervisor. I haven't gotten any credit in a week and a half and no followup.

Sorry we're in this horrible customer service boat together.