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Comcast filter installed without permission

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Comcast filter installed without permission

I was informed today when i got home that a Comcast person came by and installed a filter on the side of my house. This is totally NOT acceptable! I never recieved any notification that this was being done, NOT pleased that any random person including COMCAST can enter my property without consent. Looking quickly through forums revealed that iy may be a MOCA filter. In any case i DO NOT CARE what it is used for, someone should be notified that this would be happening, and NOT just assume they can come and go on  my property and there own leasure. Very upset about this! Also i dont use X1 of any kind in my home. COMCAST STAY OFF MY PROPERTY UNLESS YOU MAKE A APPOINTMENT WITH ME!!!!!!! Im glad i have surevielance at home.


Re: Comcast filter installed without permission

You've already agreed to allow Comast access your property if you are a Comcast customer.


5a. Premises. You agree to allow us and our agents the right to enter your property at which the Service(s) and/or Xfinity Equipment will be provided (the “Premises”) at reasonable times, for purposes of installing, configuring, maintaining, inspecting, upgrading, replacing and removing the Service(s) and/or Xfinity Equipment used to receive any of the Service(s).  -Residential User Agreement.

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