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Comcast extortion for pro-installation

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Comcast extortion for pro-installation

I moved. I got onto the site to initiate the transfer. They wanted $40 for 'installation.' I was outraged. I got onto chat and got into a back and forth battle over this. Initially they wanted to do 'credit' which means I would have had to pay an overall large initial bill. I hate that kind of stuff. My new residence is a large apartment building of which the coax is already installed! (I used to be a cable guy). Finally the rep on chat said I would not be charged for the install. It comes move day, and I'm still using the city wide xfinitywifi. 5 days go by, and I finally plug in my modem. I get a public IP address for a few moments, and suddenly everything turns off. The xfinitywifi goes down, and I can't log into myxfinity app, and says basically 'you have no account' I call up and get transferred to Latin America, then to some Tier 1 pleb. I ask about this 'pro-install,' and he states that there have never been services at this location, and a tech must come out. I state this is a new large apartment building of which the coax is already installed, there's a leviton box in the closet. I already pluged in my modem and it's ranging. I inquire if the people after me will be forced to pay this and he said no. I interject that I am being extorted to pay for an imaginary bridge then. I ask to talk to someone else. I get transfered to tech support who agrees with me "if the coax is installed there should be no reason for a tech, but i have no control for sales as I see no services in your account" So they transfer me back to sales to some other Tier 1 Samantha, or Becky. I forget. I explain the situation and she says "oh wow we don't have any services for you" I simply state: "I want what I had at my previous residence" she states "I don't have that information" and tries scam me into the bundle I become outraged in how that is possible...finally she digs it out; the $60 200M Blast No modem what I had before. She asks specifically 'are you doing the install yourself?' I stated yes... she sends me the a text message with the corresponding details, and I click I agree. As soon as I do that she says "Ohhhh we need to send a technician out that will be $89.99" Once again I flipped out. told Felecia to shove it.

So coincidence that I plug in my modem and they shut me down? 5 or so different people lying and scaming me out of $80 for no reason. It's just sad. Century Link is pre-wired with fiber, I am looking to go that way at this point.


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Re: Comcast extortion for pro-installation

Hello hypnosb, I would be happy to look into this for you from here. Can you verify your account information with me? I would need your account number, full name, and service address. You can private message me by clicking my name and clicking private message. Thank you

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