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Comcast / Xfinity Bulk Agreements - STAY AWAY

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Comcast / Xfinity Bulk Agreements - STAY AWAY

Our community signed a Bulk agreement with Comcast 2 years ago. While I was not on the HOA Board at the time, I was in favor of the agreement.  In the years since, service reliability has degraded, several contractual items have never been provided, and our "rep" does not return phone calls or emails.  The worst of it is that a portion of our homes has had outages nearly every day for going on a month, and no one seems to care.  All of this and we can't get anyone on the phone to help.


While I thought this would be a good savings for our community at the time, I'm regetting my former position.  Any savings I was realizing just went out the window as I had to order an AT&T Fiber line as a backup so I would have service when working from home.


I'd HIGHLY suggest any communities thinking of a bulk agreement to include service level agreements into their contracts.  Our only option at this point is to cancel the whole thing since Comcast is in Breach of our agreement...which we already have our attorney working on.

Sean Ford
Managing Broker
Franco & Ford Real Estate