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Comcast Ran an unauthorized hard inquiry without my knowledge and authorization

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Comcast Ran an unauthorized hard inquiry without my knowledge and authorization


I have been a Comcast/Xfinity customer off-and-on for the last 5 years or so. I never owed them money. I usually get promotional service and cancel it after the promotion. Then, I get it again when I need it and with a promotion. Today, about two weeks after I had restarted a service with Xfinity/Comcast, they ran a hard inquiry with Equifax without my knowledge and authorization.

I am not too happy about this. And other customers will not be happy to find out that Comcast runs a hard inquiry on people's credit without their knowledge and authorization...I have signed up for auto-pay for Comcast/Xfinity to charge me automatically for their small $30-40 bill. This unauthorized inquiry needs to be removed.

I always wondered why people hated Comcast/Xfinity. I guess this is one of the reasons... Running a hard inquiry like I am applying for a credit or a loan. This doesn't make any sense.

And Comcast/Xfinity should tell customers that the 12-month $30 a month is a lie. I was told the system will bill you an extra $10 for the first month to verify that you have signed up for auto pay and the following 11 months, it stops charging you an extra $10 because it found out that auto pay was signed the computer cannot be informed that auto pay is on from day one. It has to find out on the customer's expense on the first month. 12 month $ actually 1 month verification...not included! 11 month $30 if you have your own modem/router like I do.

Very unethical!

Remove the hard inquiry! I will Google rate/review the store where I got my service...with this info. The hard inquiry may be there without my consent for 2 years. But my review on Google will permanently stay online.