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Comcast Data Cap is Breach of Contract!!!

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Comcast Data Cap is Breach of Contract!!!

I have been trying for months to reason with you, Comcast. I have tried to explain the law, the basics of contracts, etc.. We signed a contract with you in June of 2016. There was NO DATA LIMIT when we entered this contract. In November of 2016, 6 months in to the existing contract, you decided to start imposing a data limit on us, and charging us up to $200 for any "overage", unless I want to sign up for a new "unlimited" plan for $50 a month more. Let me get this straight. In order to have the same level of use I had when I signed the contract, I have to let you out of the contract to sign a new "unlimited contract", or you will charge me 3X what I agreed to pay? I think someone failed basic contracts in law school. Comcast has attempted the arguement that my contract does not say unlimited. But there was no such thing as an unlimited plan when I signed up. You would of course require a data limit specified in the contract, and a penalty for exceeding it in the contract as well. Neither of these things are in our contract, and as such you are in breach of contract.   You are also crossing the line in to what is called tortious interference with contracts, regarding other services that you are now interfering with, in breach of even your own contract.  You have left me no choice but to sue you, I have filed a lawsuit and intend to take this as far as necessary, I hope the remainder of your customers do the same. I am not sure how you think you can re-write a contract 6 months in, but you are about to find out you are sorely mistaken.

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Re: Comcast Data Cap is Breach of Contract!!!

Hi @CharlieWaters


Thanks for your feedback. I located your account by using the email address you have registered with the Forums. Unfortunately, I will not be able to assist you with your billing concerns. Since you do have an open case with our Corporate Office, they will be able to take over this matter from here. If you need us in the future, feel free to reach out. 

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