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Coax outlets non-functional

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Coax outlets non-functional

I am posting here because it is impossible to get a human on the phone and the chat with an agent does not work in my browser today even though it worked fine yesterday.


Equipment: Netgear AC1600 wifi cable modem router. Model C6250


Problem: I just moved into a new apartment and tried to activate my modem/router using the one coax outlet in my bedroom. There was absolutely no internet coming through. The landlord just purchased the building and I am the first new tenant moving into this unit, so he does not know why. The previous tenant indicated that there is a coax cable in the wall in the living room that is not hooked up. I found another unfinished coax cable (no head where I can plug into it) in the bedroom closet.


To summarize:

Bedroom coax: No internet coming through

Bedroom closet coax: Unfinished 

Living room coax: Inside the wall?


Solution: Now this wouldn't be a problem usually. The technician could come and test the outlet, finish an outlet, or fish the coax out of the wall and set up a new outlet.


New Problem: However, the COVID-19 precautions state that the technician that comes for our setup appointment cannot enter the home. If they do not enter my home, I will never be able to activate my internet because there are no functioning coax outlets in the home. 


Can someone from Comcast please assure me that my technician will enter the home and fix a coax outlet and show me how I know that assurance will be upheld, or else I will have to switch to AT&T as this is not a problem that I have the expertise to fix this problem myself.