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Coax / HDMI Surge Destroyed 7 Devices - File Damage Claim?

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Coax / HDMI Surge Destroyed 7 Devices - File Damage Claim?

TL;DR - negligent exterior wiring/install, allowed for a lightning surge to reach my interior setup; thereby rendering the following devices dead: Neatgear Modem, Xfinity Cable Box, Samsung LED TV, Samsung Soundbar, Amazon FireTV, Xbox One, and Playstation4. 


A recent lightning surge (via Coaxial from a utiltiy pole) left 7 devices dead and unable to power on.  Based on other people's experiences, and other posts I've read through these forums, I'm led to believe that the exterior wiring wasn't properly grounded and therefore probably allowed a surge to damage my devices through the coax and relayed through the HDMI connections.  The remaining devices on the same power strip that do still function (router and security camera hub) don't have any HDMI connections to anything.


Basically, I wanted to gather some opinions here to see if there is fault and liability against Comcast for my damaged devices.  If so, how do I go about filing a damage claim to replace all of my destroyed devices.


Heres a pic of the coax from the pole- should these connections be exposed like this, or is there typically an enclosure?



Heres a pic of where the coax drop hits my home, it then leads into a shed (pictured) where its "grounded" before the wiring leads into the home.



Here a pic of the wiring as its wired against the exterior of my home (inside the shed)- are those grounding blocks properly installed to code? 




After speaking with several customer agents, I finally was able to get an (exterior) service technician appointment to come check out all the wiring with an arrival window of 8am-5pm.  I was told I didn't have to be home as well.  I followed-up with a customer agent later that evening to see if there were any notes the technician left based on their visit.  Customer agent said the technician noted the following, "visited service location, just checked all wired connection and demarcation box, and got it fixed". 


Guess what- I was home all day, and have security cameras on the premises and NOBODY came by, let alone checked any wiring at my utility pole nor against my property.   Also, I dont even have a demarcation box.


I then scheduled another appointment and the issue is supposedly escalated now,  but I still have my doubts whether or not someone will actually show, let alone fix anything. 


For anyone that experienced a similar issue, can you share anything about your experience that may help determine if I have a case here?


Thanks in advance.