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Charges on my bill for my personal modem

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Charges on my bill for my personal modem

I have been charged serveral times throughout the past couple of years for modem rental when I have my own personal model that I purchased from Best Buy. I have been able to get a credit back to my account when this happens, however it is extremely frustrating and time consuming that I have to call every few months to get this situation resolved. I currently have in a reserach ticket (for the second time) to remove a modem that I no longer have and that was returned to an Xfinity store almost 2 years ago. The phone representatives have been very polite, however no one seems to be able to resolve this problem permanently. I'm in the last year of my contract and the situtation is making me reconsider staying with Comcast due to the inconvenience. I have been a loyal customer for many years, however repeatedly being charged for my own equipment has become very frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so, how was it resolved?


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Re: Charges on my bill for my personal modem


Hello Buck317, I can assist you with getting the modem charge removed from your bill and account so that you don't have to keep calling in about it. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, street address, and account number by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then "private message me"?