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Charges for equipment returned.

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Charges for equipment returned.

I had equipment that had to be returned. 1 of which should never have been mailed as I verified they cancelled mailing it to me because I picked up in store.

I received a bill saying they would charge my checking account $300 for the equipment if it was not returned by the 18th. I called and verified that if it was returned on the 17th it would not charge my account.

I do not have a vehicle and live an hour bus ride, with 4 kids, from the nearest store. But I got it there on the 17th. I verified with 2 store employees, multiple times, it would not charge my checking account.

I wake up today and my checking account has been charged $300. I did not have $300 in my account so it caused a bank charge as well.
It has also caused my payment for my water bill to not go through, causing another bank fee, a returned check fee from the city, and I will have to pay $65 to have my water turned back on.

I had also made a purchase at the grocery store that is not going to go through and charge another bank fee and returned check fee.

So because comcast charged me $300, that they readily admit should not have happened, I won't have water at my house and I have $163 in additional fees I have to pay.

I was on the phone for 2 hours today, trying to talk to a supervisor and have been told there are technical difficulties, and been disconnected twice.

I am so frustrated.