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Changing plans- only internet needed

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Changing plans- only internet needed

I have been a Comcast customer for a few years and have changed my plans when our contracts have expired. We are paying for telephone, internet, and cable but we really only use the internet. I have called to ask about the process of changing from our current plan to only internet- but have had no success so far. Is paying for internet even possible? If so- someone please help direct me!

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Re: Changing plans- only internet needed

I only have an internet subscription, so absolutely it's possible.  I understand that you're getting nowhere via phone.  Do you have a local Comcast office near you?  If so, just gather Comcast's telephone and cable equipment and take it there.  Be sure to get a receipt that includes the serial numbers of the stuff you returned.  Keep it forever.  Consider copying it in case your local office uses thermal paper, like mine.  (Fades to a blank piece of paper in a week or so)