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Changing Account Name



I called on Thursday, March 26th in regards to transferring the account name. My account name is still under my roommate, who made the account in 2017. Instead of cancelling service when she moved out, she made me the primary user with Comcast and thought that was sufficient. She can't even log into Xfinity anymore, so she was confused when I said her name was still on the account.

I speak to an agent on 3/26, create a ticket about transferring the account name. Since we're under COVID-19 restrictions, we're both unable to go to a store or get our form notarized. I ask the agent about signing electronically, she said that was fine, I also ask about the option of uploading our ID's in lieu of going to the store, she said that was fine too. My former roommate and I upload our completed form, ID's, on Friday, 3/27 and then I get an auto-generated email on Saturday, 3/28 that we need to get the form notarized. This isn't going to be possible for us at this time. Please help in getting this rectified--I've been paying/making changes on the account since 2018 and my old roommate hasn't even been able to sign-in. This is absolutely absurd it's still under her name and I still live at the same address. It shouldn't be this hard to change the name of an account! I have called several times and no customer agent has a history of my conversation on Thursday, 3/27 and nobody has followed up with me about any of this.